Inspiring Nature

Nature is a rich stone-house of beauty and joy. Trees and plants, the sum and the moon , rivers and streams, the sky and stars fill this universe with light and charm . These give joy for ever . The stars are the poetry of Heaven . Every object of Nature shows that God is a great artist. One can see the image of God in Nature. He is present everywhere in Nature. No painting or picture can match the glory of the rising sun.

Nature               Beauties of   Nature are  a  permanent   source     of  happiness. When    we   see       a      beautiful  scene    of Nature, it    delights our senses. Nature is a    great teacher. It exercises a  healthy influence on the character and personality of man. A child that grows in the lap of Nature is healthy and happy. His heart is pure, his mind is calm and soul innocent . Nature inspires us to do good and checks us from evil. Thus it exercises a moral influence.

The modern man is unhappy and miserable because he has gone away from Nature. The world is too much with us. we attach too much importance to worldly things. we have become selfish, greedy and money-minded. Man can find happiness only in the lap of Nature. Man forgets the worries of the world by going into the lap of Nature.


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