Pleasures of Reading

Value of books                      

 bookSome books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and a few to be chewed and digested. Books have been rightly described as the never-failing friends of man. Books are real treasures filled with knowledge, noble thoughts and lofty ideals. In view of these facts, reading is a habit which brings a man untold pleasure. Different people seek different types of pleasure. Reading is the best, cheapest and the most useful way of spending one’s leisure hours. This hobby costs very little, and brings rich rewards. 

                                       Reading  gives us pleasure of a very high order. It amuses, entertains and delights us. while reading a good book, we forget the dull world and are transported to a world of beauty, wonder and joy. It is a  healthy and delightful pastime. It can  be enjoyed  at all times and places, in all weathers and seasons. Even the sick can read, lying in bed. Reading habits give us pleasure if we read some good book.

It is healthy  and useful way of spending leisure. Sometime, people start reading whatever books come handy. One should not be strayed by the cheap books. Choice of books is essential for us to derive full advantages of reading books. 


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